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Spring is on it's way out down here in Georgia and I am finally dusting off my laptop and sharing these photos I've been collecting all month. It feels good to see them up here, to look back on a busy but productive month. It's felt like the longest month but we have a lot to show for it which in the end doesn't make the way it's dragged on and on quite so bad. 
We planted our first garden this month! I bought a wonderful raised bed last year and it's been sitting in the garage for twelve months just collecting dust. And so I look upon it now with great amazement as it's bursting with tomato plants, a lonely cucumber plant and a neat row of radishes almost ready to be devoured! I am notorious for my black thumb and so no one is more shocked than I am. Perhaps it's the world's best kept secret? Gardening isn't actually that hard? Obviously I'll report back later on whether or not we got anything edible out of it.
Other than that we've both been working hard on our separate projects. We re-did the kids's playroom to give them a crafting corner and moved Teddy's bed into one of the spaces created from the window gable. It's the coziest and sweetest little sleeping spot - he is thrilled! I finished The Crown on Netflix and absolutely loved it!! Together we're working our way through season 3 of Chef's Table and it is totally blowing our minds! I've finished a few more books from my list and started some new ones. We both became completely immersed in the world of Bibb county Alabama and even still a day doesn't go by that we don't think about John or Tyler. NPR you did it again!! Oh and Birdie got a new bike that she can't get enough of! 
We've cooked, played, colored and crafted, worked hard outside and played hard outside. It's been a somewhat crazy month but a good one nonetheless. There is so much unknown that is waiting for us right around the corner, in the month of May. We're both full of anxiety but chose to distract ourselves with... you guess it - more work. In a way it's a good place to be - putting so much of yourself into something you so passionately love but it's frightening too. What a roller coaster life is! Just when you think you have it all figured out it changes up on you again. 

Here's to a new month just a week away! A month that will see the closing of some doors and the opening of new ones. See you on the flip side! :)

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