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3:54 PM

Last weekend came the day I wait for all year long! The day we put up our tree! The night before I made sure we had all the essentials - logs for the fire, pumpkin pie, plenty of coffee and christmas playlists galore! We all went to bed wearing our christmas jammies and hurried downstairs as soon as we woke! 
We proceeded to spend the entire morning trimming the tree! We put it up, turned it on and let the kids go at it. The joy and excitement on their faces was worth having just the bottom third of the tree decorated (I fixed it later :)). Teddy would exclaim "I did it!!" with every ornament that he would successfully hang on the tree and Birdie couldn't contain herself - gasping over each new ornament that we would unbox. Kevin and I snuggled on the sofa, coffee in hand and took in this truly wonderful sight. 
The morning was simple, cozy and I couldn't help but wish that I could remember every single moment forever and ever. The holidays often have the tendency to feel rushed and overwhelming and this day showed me that it's all up to us. Once you let go of perfection, expectations and the pressure to x, y and z you can find a rhythm of the season that feels right to you. 
And all I want to do is watch all my favorite movies, bake some cookies with my babies, have as many fires as we can squeeze in before it gets warm again and enjoy seeing the holiday season through the eyes of my littles, because to them everything is still magic. 

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