have a lovely weekend!

10:28 AM

This week was such a hectic one. One where I didn't feel like I accomplished too much beyond keeping my head above water but hey, we made it. The kids were sick as dogs, then I got sick, Kevin worked late, I found out I may need a tooth pulled (HOW???), the kids had their annual check-ups and shots together (I feel like parents need stickers too) and it just felt generally long, sucky and stressful. But! Friday is here as are cooler temperatures, I feel like we've finally hit peak fall around here (the leaves everywhere are phenomenal!!) and we have absolutely nothing planned for the weekend which feels kind of amazing! Well I suppose that's not completely true as I have visions of cookies, soups and bread baking on my mind. But that's all good, good stuff! 

Here are few links for you to browse if you have a down minute or two this weekend:

- And lastly here are three of my most favorite sustainable fashion brands for kids - Misha & Puff, Mabo Kids and Nature Baby. I have been buying their clothing since my kids were infants and it has held up beautifully and most of it I just pack away for future babies once they outgrow it. I make sure to buy unisex color schemes and styles so any of the kids can wear them. 

- There's definitely a nasty bug going around right now and I've been giving the kids these vitamins. When they fail I love Zarbees cough syrup for making them a little more comfortable. Really helps to break up all that mucus, especially if you have a kid like Teddy who can't quite get the hang of blowing his nose yet. 

Time to go put in the last few loads of laundry, vacuum and "pick up, put away" ;) before Kevin comes home and it's officially time to R-E-L-A-X!! 

Wishing you a really good one!!


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