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My mum has always been telling me that babies crave routine and hate change and this week was certainly proof of that. We returned home on tuesday after escaping to DC last week so as to avoid being trapped in our cabin (our town ended up getting close to two feet of snow!!) and we instantly saw a change in Birdie. She was happier, ate better and was back to sleeping all through the night. She's a different kid at home and it makes me hate those times when we have to move her around. Of course we were all much happier at home. 
Life is so different here - so much quieter and calmer. No cars zipping past our windows, no sirens, horns or lights. When night falls it's dark, completely and utterly, save for a day or two when the moon is extra bright. There's no hustle and bustle, just a neighbor or two or a herd of deer. It's always such a welcome sight to see nothing but trees as far as my eye can see, out of every window. It inspires me to slow down as well - to savor that cup of tea, take my time with dinner relishing the hour it takes the tomato sauce to simmer or the dough to rise and tagging a good twenty extra minutes onto bath time because we're all having such a good time. 
This morning we woke up to the sound of rain and the sight of snow shrinking all around. It's gloomy and dark but the promise of spring has never been more palpable - I can smell the wet dirt and the occasional chirp of a bird here and there is a sign that nature too knows we're just about over this winter hump. 
There's talk of the temperatures nearing the 60's this weekend and for me that just means one thing - trying to find a way to eat outside. A little sun and a little warmth is just what the doctor ordered and I think I'm going to have a hard time falling asleep with all this excitement lingering in the air! Wishing all of you a wonderful and restful weekend!!
I don't usually do this but...
this is what this week looked like for the people of Ukraine*

I just wanted to take a moment to ask that we all pray for the people of this wonderful country right now. I have many good friends and family members that live in Ukraine and my heart is breaking daily for them. It's so devastating that such an innocuous request from the people was met with such brutality from it's government. I am praying that the government will be granted wisdom and compassion, soon.

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