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Well hello friends... I can't believe I'm putting up a blog post!! Does anyone even read these anymore? It's nice to be back in this little corner. I'm popping in to share about my absolute favorite and most trusted children's clothing brands. It's my most asked question and I'm so happy to share! 
But before I dig into the specific brands I wanted to share what I've learned over the last six years when it comes to shopping for my kiddos. First, you wouldn't think you could make a girl and boy share clothes but I've been able to pull it off pretty much since I was first pregnant with Teddy. Here is my thought process:
  • make sure more expensive items are unisex and can be either shared or passed down
  • when it comes to items like dresses, sweaters and cardigans I buy in colors that will be as versatile as possible and allow me to create multiple outfits
  • I don't buy more than two sweaters per child per cold season, sometimes with Teddy I can get away with one because he will acquire one from Birdie from last season
  • In general I like to work with a similar color palette, once again for versatility
  • I invest in tights and socks for Birdie because they can create really fun multiple outfits, I also buy them in the spring and summer for the following fall (that's when they're often on sale)
Now for the shops. Over the years I have slowly moved closer and closer towards buying from small, ethically operated clothing shops. Sure it's more expensive but not if you think about the quality, longevity and versatility of the items. When it comes to basics I have been trusting Mabo since my kiddos were babies. Nothing beats their tees, leggings and pajamas for little ones. And all the basics are made from organic cotton! They also have beautiful dresses, tops and pants every season. I've also always shopped from Boden. They are a British brand but have moved into the US in recent years. I love their price points, their old-school vintage look and fantastic quality. And lastly, Misha and Puff has become our family's forever favorite. It's the only sweaters my children don't hate to wear, the items look as good as new no matter how long they have been wearing them and the items are always warm, beautifully made and they are the items that garner the most questions and compliments. 
I also really love Childhoods Clothing for their sweet little rompers, Teddy has been living in them in the summer for the last few years. Speaking of summer Birdie loves linen for the summer and I love the selection of colors and silhouettes at Roaming Threads and Red Creek Handmade. All the socks and tights I always get from Collegien and my friend at Cloth always has the best selection of them. 
Lastly, shoes! I have for the last few years had a two pairs max per season rule. So in the fall we do a pair of leather "going out" shoes (usually from Mon Petit Shoes) and a pair of rain boots. The rain boots carry over into the winter and I'll add a pair of Uggs for severely cold days. In the spring we carry over the boots again and add a pair of slip on shoes. For summer we carry over the slip ons and add a pair of sandals. Easy and no fuss! And it keeps the shoe craziness to a minimum. 
So that's it folks! I hope you find it helpful! Let me know if you have any questions!

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