valya kids spring + summer 2017 is here!!

4:12 PM

After many, many delays our Valya Kids spring and summer collection finally launched! Part of the reason for the many delays was the fact that I was obsessed with getting fit right, I just hate the idea of kids wearing something that's not comfortable so we went back and forth until I was sure everything was perfect. 
I probably started dreaming of this collection right after we finished the fall line last year - I was going through old photographs of my father and his siblings. Their outings to the zoo, apple picking, gardening and playing outside. I loved everything about the simplicity of the clothes and classic lines. Lot's of straps and shorts and easy blouses. I instantly knew I wanted to recreate that. 
I really hope you love what I've put together and hope your children will too. We're inching ever closer to my dream of being 100% organic and we even updated our packaging to reflect that goal as well. As always every item is handmade right here in the US, Georgia to be exact! 
Thank you so much for everyone's continued support and kindness, this journey has been difficult but incredibly fulfilling as well and that is thanks to every single wonderful customer we have!

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