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It's sort of a little late for a "spring things" post but here it is anyway! To be fair the weather down south has been unseasonably cold for this time of year so it's fooling me into thinking we can actually get through the month of May without hitting the 100 degree mark. We have had a few days in 80's and it's making me crave a "summery" shoe like the ones above. How fun are they? It's like a party on your feet - NEED.  Speaking of feet my friend Ashley turned me onto the greatest kids shoes of all time. Both Teddy and Birdie live in these. I've always told people that I justify the price of Hunters for the kids for two reasons - 1) it's basically the only shoe they'll need 2) they can figure out how to put them on themselves fairly quickly meaning no messing around with laces, clips or hooks for hours. These are a similar idea - and they're great for warmer weather but not quite sandal weather. One thing I do love for the kids with sandals is cute little knee socks. The French brand Collegien is my absolute fave and there are a few stockists in the States that carry them. I love the look of sandals and socks paired with our strapped shorts. I plan on having both my kids in them all summer long! 
Other things we've been loving around here is my Aesop soap that I've found justifies it's price by obviously being amazing and secondly that one bottle lasts me over nine months!! I've also switched us to all natural toothpaste and toothbrushes. Kevin still tries to sneak in some Crest but that's not a battle I'm trying to fight :). 
With mother's day coming up how cool is this print from The Bee & The Fox? Also, I can never have enough tees from Ban.do. Love this one!! 

Hope you're having a great week so far! And hey summer is almost, almost here!!

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