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We're past the halfway mark of January and the new year and everything that's wrapped into it has begun to blossom. I have welcomed this quiet, cold and at times lonely month. I've been spending the last few weeks preparing our home, my business and myself for the coming year. We've been cleaning, organizing, reading, writing, dreaming and creating and it feels good. I think of the seeds in the ground now... On the surface all is quiet and dead but not too far down those little seeds are furiously germinating. In a matter of months they will burst through the ground in all their verdant beauty and we will gasp as if it's the first time we're seeing grass.
Wherever you are and whatever the weather I hope you take some time to recharge this weekend. Give yourself some grace to be lazy, perhaps even the permission to take a mid-afternoon nap. Go ahead, we deserve it!
Here are a few links I loved this week, in case you're looking for something to browse while you're being a couch potato:

Talking about money is always a taboo but especially for writers. I found this article fascinating. 

A great breakdown of all the different perspectives on the Women's March on Washington. Are you going?

We've been making this divine fall panzanella salad at least once a week. It's so easy and quick and the kids love it too! 

I finally tried out the Chasing Windmills merino pajamas and Birdie can't stop telling me how soft they are. In fact, she's asked multiple times if she can wear them every day :).

Can't wait to dig into this book of essays by Mary Oliver!

Where I go to for my Bachelor recaps. Can we talk about Corinne? That's some stellar casting there!

Cannot wait to take Birdie to see the Beauty and the Beast live action movie! It was my absolute favorite Disney movie as a child and seeing it in live action would be a dream come true!

A pretty dress for spring.

My go-to for all my enamel needs! Most of it is Prime shipping too!

This post made me tear up, ultimate #couplegoals

This home makeover is absolute perfection. The style is so inviting and effortless. Love.

So many of you wrote in with awesome words of advice and encouragement when I shared about our struggles with Teddy's aggression last week. Here are the two best resources that we have found super helpful thus far.  

Jim Gaffigan is always good for some good old-fashioned belly laughs.

And last but not least- oh how you will be missed... This is great, great read.

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