updated beauty routine

1:14 PM

The last time I did a beauty post was over FOUR years ago! Now to be fair not everything has changed but a lot has and it seems fitting that I did an overhaul right around my 30th birthday (are you sick of hearing about that yet?? lol, I am so obsessed, I don't know why it's bothering me so much). I got new brushes, finally, and invested in products I had previously thought superfluous but are actually total game changers. So here it is:

So that pretty much covers it! I should mention that I am one of those unlucky individuals that has pretty atrocious adult acne but I suppose there can be worse problems to have so I try not to complain too much. For those curious though I tried spironolactone and hated it. Right now my dermatologist has me on a whole cocktail of differin, aczone and clyndomycin. So far I feel like the differin makes the biggest impact but we'll see how I do in a few more months. If anyone else out there has some secret snake oil formula I'm all ears. I'm so desperate! 

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