date night look with thredup

9:49 AM

Ever since we moved back to the country I've been feeling a stirring inside me to consume less and create or make more. We got chickens, I've gotten back into baking our own bread and we've cut out eating out during the week. We also have an overabundance of thrift stores and "rummage sales" around here that lend themselves to scouting out amazing finds for our home. Just the other week I spotted a mid-century modern arm chair for just $15!! I'm completely in love with it!!
Clothing is the final frontier and although I've been doing quite well with buying second-hand for the kids I know I need to get better with my own wardrobe. With kids clothes I will buy a lot of items on instagram from other mamas or at deep discounts online (for example a lot of the Misha & Puff items the kids wear I buy when they are deeply discounted during previous seasons, for example - buy for fall in January). 
Here's where Thredup comes in - they make buying second-hand just as magical and delightful as buying new. The website is so user-friendly and clean looking. The prices couldn't be better and your items arrive in a pretty box, wrapped in paper, with their cute little tags and without any weird smells. This dress is Madewell and even still had tags on! All for $30!! You just can't beat that am I right?! It's the perfect little dress for an amateur homesteader like myself.

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