taking stock vol. VI

12:41 PM

Spring is in full swing here in Georgia and if I've learned anything from the last two years here it's that summer isn't far behind. I've cleaned out our closets and filled our drawers and hangers with summer dresses and t-shirts and stored away sweaters and scarves until next fall. My favorite flowers are popping up everywhere and that welcome hum of insects is becoming noticeable in the morning. What better way to document this changing of the seasons than with a "taking stock" post?

making: lots of simple rustic tarts. I bought a bevy of pre-made pie dough so that I can throw some sliced fruit and brown sugar on top and call it dessert any day of the week! Here's an idea.
cooking: pasta. I've been on a bit of a pasta kick lately. Nothing fancy just good quality pasta, homemade sauce (I'll make a ton one day and then freeze it so I always have plenty on hand), a handful of grated cheese and some basil. Done and delicious!
drinking: La Croix sparkling water. I'm trying to lower my daily sugar intake and this is one way to do it. Coconut and berry are my favorite.
wanting: this gorgeous dress for the spring and summer. It's even more beautiful in person by the way.
looking: for chicks. That's right!! We're finally getting chickens! Check out my instagram to see the home we got for them.
wasting: time on snapchat. Yes, I finally caved thanks to some arm twisting by my friends and family. My handle is florafaunablog. Word to the wise though - if I have no idea who you are or have never interacted with you that's going to be no for me dawg. Trying to keep things semi-private for now.
wishing: Kevin would be done with school already so we can start summer break!!
enjoying: my new kitchen. Not a day goes by that I take it for granted and all the gorgeous light it gets! Makes me soul sing!
waiting: for my parents to get here! Dying for my mum's Russian home cooking!
liking: barred rock chickens. Now where can I find some??
wondering: if Teddy is ever going to grow some hair?
loving: Willaby's new spring and summer line. Reminds me of things I wore when I was a little girl, makes my heart melt.
hoping: we don't kill our chickens. Any tips much appreciated!!
marveling: over these mountain views every morning. Can't believe we got so lucky with this house.
needing: a new pair of sunglasses but I'm not willing to shell out upwards of $200. Any suggestions?
smelling: I don't know why it took me so long to try one of the Mrs. Meyer's air fresheners but they are so, so good!! Loving the lavender scent for our bathrooms.
wearing: my birks nonstop. With socks and without. As soon as the weather gets warm it's all I wear.
listening: the two albums I have on repeat right now are Troye Sivan's Blue Neighborhood and The Strumbella's We Still Move on Dance Floors. So different and so good.
noticing: new things about Teddy's personality. He's right on the cusp of saying his first word and he has changed so much in the last couple of months. What a joy and honor it is to watch our little ones grow before our eyes.
knowing: that there is no better gift we can give our children than our loving presence. Everything else just doesn't matter.
thinking: about this summer. Dreaming up adventures for our family!
feeling: excited and peaceful. So happy to be here in this home and looking forward to a summer full of bbq's, growing our chickens, eating watermelon on the patio and watching the kids splash around in their pool.
bookmarking: spring and summer recipes. We have a farmer's market less than half a mile from our house and I can't wait to cook with all the fresh and local produce we'll get there.
opening: up new books. I slowed down with my reading during the move so I've got quite the daunting looking stack by my bedside but I'm vowing to be better now that we're settled.
giggling: the silly things the kids do that I'm occasionally lucky enough to capture on video.

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