baby + toddler toys that stood the test of time

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Birdie will be turning four this winter (HOW???) and Teddy two this October and in almost four years of raising these little goobers I've noticed that there are certain toys or books that they play with more than others and that I would never put in the donate pile. They are the toys they reach for time after time and that seem to entertain them for longer periods of time than others. Sure they get bored of them too occasionally but these are the ones that they will still return to week after week and year after year. 
I remember when Birdie was just getting into toys at around eight months of age and I was feeling so lost when it came to knowing what she would truly enjoy. Needless to say we made a lot of mistakes over the years - bought toys that they never played with or would play with once and then the item would sit and collect dust until I inevitably had to donate it. So I thought I would compile a list of the tried and true toys, the ones that will be worth it and well loved. 

- Stuffed animals: As most parents we've gone through our fair share of stuffed animals and learned that the way to Birdie's heart is via BlaBla dolls and Teddy is a huge Jellycat devotee. They each have a lovie from these two brands and won't go anywhere without them.

I hope you find this list helpful and I'd love to hear about what toys your children love!

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