teddy turns one!!

11:06 AM

^ my boys, I'll never know how I got so lucky... ^

When dreaming up Teddy's birthday party I knew I wanted to do something low key and relaxed but also something that would be fun for the kids. Well both our little goobers love nothing more than being outside so I began to research places around Atlanta that might work. All roads kept leading me back to Serenbe. With the beautiful setting and the promise of a farm and lots and lots of animals I just knew it would be perfect! 
I packed the picnic basket earlier in the week and on friday morning Birdie and I baked Teddy's banana cake. All the while I kept checking the weather as we have been having rain for two weeks straight and it was showing no signs of slowing down. I was able to narrow it down to a three hour window that promised clear though cloudy skies and on saturday morning we decided to drive through the rain and hope for the best when we got there. Right before noon the rain stopped and we rushed to have our little picnic. We were able to get everything set up, open gifts and even sing happy birthday but right as we were about to enjoy the cake it started to sprinkle again. Though a little bummed we packed things up and headed to The Farmhouse for a nice lunch. And wouldn't you know by the time we were done the rain had cleared again and we were able to enjoy the farm and it's all of it's wonderful furry and feathered friends for a good hour before heading home. 
The kids took an awesome one hour nap on the drive home meaning - "car date" for us!! Once home we brewed some coffee, lit a candle on the cake, sang happy birthday to our little man again and enjoyed our cake in the comfort of our home! So all things considered it was a pretty perfect day! I have many more photos to share from Serenbe but I'll put those in a separate post and explain a little more about this magical place!

^ Belle was really angling for a slice :) ^

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