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I always love reading other people's posts about what their days are like and I feel like I take away some helpful nugget on how to manage it all (especially since having Teddy). So I figured I would take some time this week to share with you guys what an average day looks like at our house as well as some tips I've picked up along the way. 

The kids usually wake up around 8 or 8:30, about an hour after Kevin leaves for work. Birdie has been coming into our bed around 3 or 4 am every night for the past couple of weeks and since we both feel like our baby girl is growing up way too fast we've been allowing it. In the morning she will hear Teddy on the baby monitor and tell me to "go get Teddy." Once awake they like to play together in the nursery for a half hour which is wonderful because it gives me a few minutes of quiet to get dressed and brush my teeth. I should mention that Teddy gets his first morning bottle around 6 am but goes back to sleep after that. 

Around 9:00 we'll all head downstairs where I prepare the kids breakfast. I'll put Teddy in his highchair and he'll munch on some cheerios while he waits for his breakfast porridge and Birdie has her daily banana :). I don't spend too much time on breakfast. We love the Earth's Best pancakes or mini waffles. For Birdie I'll spread some almond butter on them and she will have that with a side of fruit. Teddy just likes them plain, for now. Some mornings when I'm extra lazy I'll just make us all a huge batch of a smoothie and breakfast is taken care of in five minutes! My favorite quick smoothie is - 2 cups of coconut water, handful of fresh pineapple, 1 banana, handful of kale and a handful of frozen mango. It's perfect and the kids love it too!

If I'm not lazy I'll make myself a bowl of oatmeal with fruit and a cup of coffee. Always coffee. 

I eat my breakfast and sip my coffee while the kids play. Sometimes they like to be in the living room next to me and other times they will play happily in the playroom. Around ten months Teddy began to get much more involved in playtime which was wonderful for us all. Now the kids play together almost all day long!

My mum also likes to facetime with the kids for a few minutes every morning. Obviously it's Birdie's favorite time of day :). It's so wonderful that she takes the time to do this because it keeps Birdie very connected. When we visit there is no awkwardness because they talk every day. 

Depending on what time Teddy wakes up in the morning he will go down for a nap either at 11:30 or noon. Since Birdie doesn't really nap anymore this is the only time I have for myself to get any work done or cleanup. When Teddy was a baby putting him down for naps used to be so stressful for me as Birdie would follow me and talk loudly or whine. I finally realized that if I just give her a show she will stay on the first floor and allow me to nurse in peace and put Teddy down. Even though I don't nurse Teddy anymore I kept the tv trick. It gives me a few minutes of one-on-one time with Teddy before his nap and after some peace and quiet to get work done. She gets anywhere from half an hour to an hour (depending on how much work I have) and she is only allowed Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood since that is the only show that seems to be educational and doesn't get her all riled up. 

Teddy's morning nap is his long one ranging from an hour and half to two hours so once I get my work done Birdie and I usually do some sort of "mummy and me" activity. This fall we have been loving the crafting sets from Target. They are only $5 and provide so much fun! They are labeled by age group too which is super helpful too. 

Once Teddy wakes up Birdie will request that they play in the nursery and lately she's been asking me to "pweez close the doow." LOL. This gives me some time to prepare lunch for all of us. 

I've been trying to introduce Birdie to foods outside of her comfort zone (i.e., mac & cheese and quesadillas) and this easy and quick dish is a hit! It's just quinoa, canned or frozen corn and a little bit of shredded cheese!

Teddy is obsessed with these Ella's pouches and they sure do make lunchtime easy :). 

By the afternoon we're all feeling a little stir crazy so we'll had outside until papa comes home. Birdie loves to water all of our plants and then they play together at the water tower for a good half hour. 

And then the best part of our day - papa's home!!

Once Kevin gets home he takes over and I have some time to run errands or start prepping dinner. The kids will eat around 6:30 or 7 and head upstairs for baths around 7:30. Since starting to share a room at night we learned that we have to put Teddy down early and make sure he is asleep before we send Birdie in. So he will go down around 8 or 8:15. While we wait for him to fall asleep we'll do story time with Birdie in our bed. Birdie's routine changes (sometimes she drags out bedtime as long as possible) but she will be in bed by 9:00, latest. And then it's finally time for peace and quite in our house :). And to look at photos and videos of the kids obsessively!

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into our day and send any tips you have my way! I'm always learning something new!

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