taking stock vol. III

2:49 PM

I always enjoy doing one of these with the change of season. It's a nice way to slow down and really think about things and notice the changes not just in the weather or nature but in myself as well.

making: smoothies. lots and lots of smoothies. we finally bit the bullet and bought a blendtec and of course now i'm wondering how we ever lived this long without it.
cooking: big batches of comforting meals - soups in the slow cooker, mac and cheese and baking loves of delicious crunchy bread.
drinking: water. always trying to drink more water. it does wonders for my skin and i wish i was more diligent about it.
wanting: it to get cold already. it's september and yet we are still dealing with temperatures in the high 80s.
looking: for the perfect flannel shirt for fall. i like them thick, warm and long.
wasting: water. laundry for four people is no joke. especially when two of those people ruin at least three outfits a day.
sewing: nothing at the moment but there is a dress of birdie's i need to shorten...
wishing: for fall to come sooner to the south this year. last year it didn't get cold until late october.
enjoying: watching my kids play together. true there is a lot of fighting involved but most of the time they are so sweet it feels like my heart is going to burst out of my chest.
waiting: for the right timing in regards to a lot of big decisions we need to make soon.
liking: my hair lighter. i've waited pretty much my entire life to get highlights and now that i have them i'm not sure i'll ever go back!
wondering: what the next step will be for me. teddy was a total surprise and threw us for a loop putting a lot of my dreams and goals on hold. now that it's almost his first birthday and birdie's third is right around the corner i can finally start thinking about those things again. exciting and terrifying.
loving: my new hat.
hoping: to read more. i've gone from one book a year to one a month!
marveling: at birdie's imagination and seeing the world through her eyes. to be three again!!
needing: a new winter coat. i'm almost thirty and i still haven't found "the perfect one."
smelling: like medical grade body wash. my dermatologist gave me some stuff that smells like irish spring but worse. though it did clear up my back so...
wearing: my birks all day ever day. and i have big plans on transitioning them into the fall with some thick socks. who am i???
following: the refugee crisis in europe and wishing there was more i could do. grateful to organizations like this one for stepping up.
noticing: how monstrously fast time flies. my baby boy is almost one... how???
knowing: lately... nothing. just asking a lot of questions and doing a lot of digging.
thinking: about how often it feels as if time has passed me by and at the same time as if the world is my oyster.
feeling: nervous, hopeful, timid and lost. but in a good way. does that make sense??
bookmarking: autumn clothes for all of us. turns out the kids have outgrown pretty much everything.
opening: chocolate bars. i probably shouldn't but...
giggling: thanks to the hilarious songs birdie has been making up about all of us. here's a little taste:

"belle. is a girl. she always by herself. like a monster.
mama is a girl. she is always cleaning"

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