beach essentials for mama

11:28 AM

I live for summer vacation. Every year it's the same story, by the time December rolls around all I can think about is that day in June or July when I will close my eyes and feel the hot sun beating down on my face, hear nothing but the sound of waves crashing into the shore and feel warm sand beneath my feet. It's what gets me through the cold winter and the rainy spring every time. 
Now that we're just  few weeks out I've begun preparing for our trip. This time it will be the four of us and that feels... huge. Two littles and two adults and I'm praying I can fit everything that we will need for two weeks in the trunk of our car. And let's be honest - packing is never fun. So to hype myself all up for all the folding, rolling, zipping, stuffing and lugging I've begun to create little "wish list" boards in my head for what I would like to bring with us this year. And just look at all those goodies! They definitely make packing seem a little more joyful!

swimsuit / book / glasses / towel / raft / radio / sunscreen / shoes / hat

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