beach essentials for the littles

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We've done the beach with Birdie a few times now so I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't. However, having two babies on the beach is a whole new ball game and I'm hoping that we can make it a pleasant and fun experience for everyone. On that note here are just a few tips that I think help keep everyone happy:

- keep your babies well hydrated. Birdie was seven months old when we went to Florida for the first time and her pediatrician suggested that we give her two or three ounces of cool water every few hours while having her out in the sun. Just make sure that they still breastfeed or take as much formula as usual, the water should not be replacing food. 

- this is a little trick my mum taught me: soak their hats in cold water every few hours as a way to keep their little heads cool. 

- we like having a swaddle blanket to offer them a little comfort for those beach naps. They are extremely breathable so they won't get hot but it helps keep them cozy and feeling "tucked in."

- grapes and watermelon are hands down Birdie's favorite snack on the beach. If you want to be totally mess free stick to just grapes - so easy.

- saltwater sandals do amazing on the beach. They're incredibly comfortable for little feet and they can take quite a beating and still look brand new. 

- I've found that Honest swim diapers are hands down the softest and most comfortable ones. I usually stock up and have two or three so that I can hand wash and dry them between uses. 

- although Birdie has quite sensitive skin in the winter we haven't had trouble with her during the summer months. We love Babyganics sunscreen - it's perfectly gentle. However, Teddy is much more sensitive and broke out with just one use. If you have a similar problem our pediatrician recommended Blue Lizard sunscreen as being the most gentle one on the market. 

- I haven't actually tried this but now that there are four of us I'm intrigued by getting this bundle of four cheap towels to take with us this time around. The reviews aren't great but the value is pretty ridiculous. 

Now I'm just going to cross my fingers that we can get these kids to nap together at least once in a blue moon so that I can read at least one page from the books that I'll be packing for myself!

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