taking stock vol. II

10:07 AM

making: oatmeal for breakfast every day thanks to the genius that is frozen cooked oatmeal that we get at Coscto (seriously such a lifesaver!!)
cooking: our Blue Apron meals! We've been wanting to try their service for ages and finally took the plunge last week! It's been super fun and I can't wait to share a review with you!
drinking: lots of Ksumi tea. We recently discovered this brand and their Russian background and are hooked! Can't wait to try all the flavors! So far we've tried the Prince Vladimir one and it is top notch.
reading: my friend Ashley's blog religiously! She is such a burst of happy and bright and her perspective on motherhood is so inspiring and encouraging. She's a really good egg. 
wanting: at least 36 hours that don't involve being asked the same question three billion times consecutively, cleaning up mess after mess, rocking, not sleeping and feeding little ones. I will be real with you and tell you that I've probably never been more exhausted in my life. 
looking: at photos of my babies fifteen minutes after I put them down for the night. That is the insanity of parenthood - they drive you completely bananas but you'll be darned if they don't have your heart, completely. Another ironic twist - approximately 75 percent of the photos I have of them are when they are sleeping... You would think they sleep all the time! And you would be mistaken. 
playing: with Birdie and her shapes and colors flashcards. She has her colors down pat so we are attempting to reach the same level with shapes. Sometimes I can't believe that we are HERE with her already. 
wasting: a lot of lotion, balms and soap. Birdie is in a phase where anything that can be squeezed, squirted or pumped must be emptied with gusto! 
sewing: on buttons that Birdie has ripped off of clothes after attempting to button something.
wishing: it was summer. Like yesterday.
enjoying: watching Parenthood with papa bear. It's become our thing together. Every night we tuck the kids in and retreat to our room popcorn in hand, prepared for a good long cry fest. 
waiting: for it to be warm enough to take the kids on walks again. We've all been going a little stir crazy lately.
liking: the positivity I see all around me. We're all cold, slightly depressed and totally over winter but it's nice when we channel it into something healthy and good instead of just whining. 
wondering: what Teddy will sound like one day. Now that we know what Birdie's adorable little voice sounds like I'm dying to hear his!
loving: this life, this family of mine. Cold weather and dark clouds aside I am so very aware of just how lucky I am to have these people in my life. 
hoping: for some good weather for our upcoming trips to DC and NYC!! 
marveling: at the relationship between my two babies. I could have never imagined that Birdie would care for and love Teddy so tenderly or that Teddy would adore her so much. This age difference might kill me right now but I have feeling it will so be worth it years down the road. 
needing: a pair of these for spring! And possibly a matching pair for Birdie :).
smelling: Dr. Bronner's soap in almond. So good you want to eat it!!
wearing: my striped shirt. Over and over and over again. 
following: anything and everything to do with Atlanta on Instagram. I can't get enough of this awesome city! It's seriously underrated!
noticing: that postpartum hair loss is even worse this time around! If I'm not bald by the summer it's going to be a miracle.
knowing: that I really, truly cannot do it all. No matter how hard I try. 
thinking: I could really use a manicure. I think it's been almost a year since my last one...
feeling: more tired than I thought any human could be. But also grateful. So, so grateful.
bookmarking: Cheryl Strayed quotes. I should probably read the book now.
opening: jars of baby food. Teddy had his first sweet potatoes this weekend and we are on a roll!!
 over Birdie's "silly voice." Her favorite thing to say is "A where's the baby" in the most ridiculous voice you have ever heard!! 

With it being March now I truly believe spring is right around the corner! I took this video a few weeks ago when we got to enjoy unusually warm day. Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

a spring afternoon from Mama Bear on Vimeo.

*idea for taking stock post from this lovely blog

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  1. Yes, you really need to read Cheryl Strayed, you will love Wild, but even more, you must read Tiny Beautiful Things, a compilation of her advice columns. So honest and heartbreaking and raw and intelligent, so beautiful.

  2. Oh! And, Birdie in action, just about the sweetest thing ever! Thanks for sharing, mama.


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