that one time I pretended I was a news anchor...

11:04 PM

trench - asos, dress - anthro, tights - j.crew, shoes - hasbeens, cup - kate spade, glasses - warby parker

One of the few times (other than dates nights) that I actually wear something other than yoga pants these days is church. I know everyone's thing this day is "come as you are" but for my own sake I pretend that Jesus really would be offended if I came in wearing the same striped shirt and black pants I wear every day. At least that's what I tell myself as I re-acquaint myself with areas of my closet that most of the time I don't even know exist anymore. 
So while a tiny voice in my head told me that perhaps a vegan leather dress is a bit overkill for church I decided "why not" and zipped myself up! Because truthfully if I don't wear it this week then it will be too hot by next weekend and then an entire year would have gone by without me wearing it and I mean would you look at that gorgeous color??? That would just be a SIN. And just to make sure that no one would think it looked like "that" kind of leather dress I paired it with some "granny tights" (my secret favorite) and my trusty Hasbeens and ta-da!! News anchor look - done!
Oh and inside the cup? Lots and lots and lots of coffee or mama-juice as some may call it. 

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