and... it's almost spring!!

12:11 PM

hat - a&f, jacket - h&m, dress - old navy, tights - j.crew, boots - shoemint

I am officially boycotting winter wear. You know the culprits - mittens, gloves, scarves, puffy coats, etc... I can't take the bundling up anymore, between myself and the two kids, the leaving the house process is at alarming 45 minutes these days. I can't take it. I'm so sweaty and tired by the time everyone is buckled in and in the car. So with the temperatures hovering around 65 the other day - i.e. not warm enough to be jacket free but too warm for a coat, I threw on a hat and decided I was going to enjoy it! And I did ok!! Between the hat and tights I was perfectly warm but I still enjoyed the luxury of feeling the first faint hint of a spring breeze float through my jacket and hair and across my face. It was kind of amazing! Speaking of which have you seen the "I'm sorry for the things I said when it was winter" meme??? So, so, so good. I need that framed. But hey! It's warming up, it's March (how????!!!) and it's almost spring break so I'm feeling pretty invincible right now! Happy Tuesday friends!

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  1. I am right there with you! Over winter! Tomorrow its suppose to be 70s here in NC and you can bet I am wearing a dress with no tights!

    Also I have that same dress and love it! Except when I accidentally dried it and now it is too short, especially to wear when running after a little crawler :P


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