2:30 PM

birdie: I have so much to share about our trip to New York but watching her take in the city on foot was by far one of my favorite memories!
teddy: this photo looks so ridiculously staged but what happened was that I had him on the bed and he was kind of fussy. I was planning on picking him up and wearing him in a few minutes but it was the classic "shhhhh, one more minute baby!!" deal that stretched into a half hour. I gave him the rattle to occupy himself with when all of a sudden it got quiet and I looked over and there he was - passed out!!! Isn't that the best feeling? Also, I feel like he looks so old here, like I could actually imagine him as a teenager...

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  1. It's crazy to think they will be teenagers and then adults at some point! I get the same feeling looking at older people and reminding myself they were also kids and teenagers one day. I wish we were more in control of time.
    Katie // Lublyou


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