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top - old navy, pants - target (maternity), shoes - boden, bag - j.crew

This past weekend was perfectly lazy with Sunday night rolling into what is beginning to be our Monday morning routine of a little Disney in bed with mama (so that I can collect my thoughts before having to jump out of bed), breakfast, a walk with Belle and then reading time. It's so nice to have a routine again, to have some predictability and stability in our life. I told papa bear the other day that I'm looking forward to having our life be boring for a bit because it's been anything but that this year. I suppose that will be short lived too as baby boy is going to be joining us in a little less than a month! 
But for now it's just the three of us. Birdie has become more adventurous with her diet which means that we can generally feed her our meals. All weekend long we would gather around the table and share our food - tacos, past and meatballs, pancakes or just a couple slices of watermelon. There's something so heartwarming about eating together, as a family. In fact, there were moments when I would have an out-of-body feeling looking at all of us sitting there, the sound of silverware against ceramic plates and Birdie's babbling filling the room. It's something I dreamt of for so long, long before I was married and long before we had Birdie. I knew I wanted a family and I knew I wanted to be a mama before I knew much of anything else. Watching this dream unfold every day is something I never take for granted. 

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  1. You are too cute! That sounds like a great weekend! I am also thinking I need to go get that tee :)
    <3 Kastles

    1. Thank you so much sweetheart! Oh I've been living in it! I think you would love it! xo

  2. You're gorgeous!


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