a week's worth of odds & ends

10:25 AM

still working on eating without a show, suggestions are welcome
this is what our garage looks like... all help is welcome
closed the last can of paint yesterday!

It is so nice to be back to "regularly scheduled programming" if you will. I've really missed this, I've missed connecting with you guys and I've missed documenting our days. And I apologize for taking eons to respond to your emails and comments but your kind words have put a smile on my face many a day during this crazy, crazy time in our lives and for that I am forever grateful. 
But things are finally settling down. We're going to remove the last bits of painters tape today and unpack a few last boxes and hopefully this weekend we will get our closets in order. For now they are these cavernous rooms where we throw unsightly things. Three weeks later and our house is finally looking like a home. I'll be honest I didn't realize it would take this long but we've never lived in a space quite this big so I massively underestimated the amount of work it would take to set up a place of this size. And though my mind reels when I think about cleaning around here with another baby on the way I am so thankful for all the space. You have no idea how much I have been relishing our laundry room and the presence of a pantry. Sometimes I just want to lock myself inside the pantry and just take in all those glorious shelves... Space. I just love it. And the best part is when you have a lot of room it's like a trick on the eyes because it takes infinitely longer for it to look messy than when you live with less than 1,000 square feet. And for this tired mama that is the best news ever. 
Speaking of being tired I have officially reached the point in this pregnancy where I can no longer see my feet (high five!!) and where getting up from a sitting position feels like mild torture (double high five!!). Guys it's embarrassing how much I waddle when I walk and the sounds I emit when getting up, I sound like an old lady for goodness sakes! It's funny the way you forget all these things until they come back and hit you smack in your lower back. At least I can take joy in the fact that Birdie has become quite an expert at climbing the stairs so I don't have to carry her up and down them (I can barely get myself up there...). 
Of course at the end of the day that's all surface level stuff because this baby boy continues to grow and thrive and aside from all my complaining I have had a very healthy pregnancy and I never take those things for granted. 
Well this somehow got terribly rambly and long without me intending for that to happen so I will wrap this up. I'm heading out for my glucose test this afternoon (YUCK) and then it is time to embrace this weekend!! I can't believe we're going to actually, finally have a weekend that doesn't involve packing, unpacking, painting or putting furniture together - PRAISE!!! 

Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend my dears!!

Love to you all!

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  1. hey! happy to see you back here. and i can't eat without a show either, birdie. (half-kidding.) xo

  2. So happy you are back to posting, I always look forward to your honest words. Hoping you will do a house tour soon, Birdie's room looks dreamy! I've always admired your style and home decor ;)

    1. Aww! Thank you so much Sandy! Oh gosh I hope I can get to that sometime soon! xoxo

  3. The green corner is a dream!! Also, you look very happy and radiant in the blue dress post. I can't even imagine how tired you must be but at the same time it's so wonderful that very soon you'll have a new little family member. Good luck!


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