if i ever had a uniform this would be it

10:09 AM

sunnies - warby parker, top - j.crew, pants - target, bag - j.crew, shoes - target

Yep, I am still living in these maternity pants. They're as close as one can get to maternity leggings and so any time we go out they're my number one choice. I also love this top I picked up at the J. Crew outlet in Orlando. The length is perfect and it's still roomy enough to fit my bump. These two items are always in the laundry at the end of the week because of how often I wear them. 
On another note moving is proving to be a lot more difficult than I initially expected. I really hate when the stress of it all gets to me because I'm not ok with it clouding the gratitude and excitement that we feel over getting this opportunity to try something new. But it does. If I have to look at another posting on realtor.com I'm sure I'll vomit. All the houses have started to blur together and still none of them are screaming "hoooooomeee" yet. We're heading back to Atlanta later this week to take another stab at finding something. Time is running out and that's not to mention that I haven't even begun to pack! Sometimes I can't fall asleep for hours because my mind is racing with all of the things we have yet to do. 
But in the end it's all good stress. I'm so excited about all the new adventures that await us this year - from discovering a new city to bringing a new life into our family. It's all going to come with its own challenges but I think that's what makes life interesting!

I just keep telling myself to buckle up and take it one day at a time!

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  1. Beautiful, friend! Love this look!

  2. Love this top :) so cute! Moving is so stressful I have moved 9 times in 6 years and in 2 different countries and i still hate packing and the stress of it ... I am a little OCD sometimes and seeing the mess around me while packing just gets me nervous! Our recent move to the flat in London wasn't easy, it took us 3 months to find the right place (right place for a reasonable London price) I am sure you will find something and I hope packing goes well! Wish I was around there I would help packing I'm becoming a rather good expert with boxes :) :)

    xo Take care

    Sylvia :)


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