strawberries for dinner

9:35 AM

It so happened this year that if we were going to go strawberry picking it would have to happen the day we were leaving for Florida. It seemed a little nuts to plan an activity the same day we would be packing and eventually driving but we made a last minute decision to go ahead and do it and we were so glad we did! 
There was lots of strawberry eating (after we taught her how to remove the leaves before popping the whole thing in her mouth), a good amount of running around, some dirty knees and and a no longer white onsie when it was all said and done. She also enjoyed her very own strawberry ice cream! She took to the cone like a pro devouring most of it save for a few licks she shared with mama and papa here and there. 
She was such a quintessential child the entire day, loving every bit of the experience - the picking, the riding in the wagon, the strawberries, the ice cream... It's a memory I know I'll keep forever and look back on with fondness for years to come. I was also so grateful that we could have this special day with her before her sibling arrives. I am becoming very aware of just how numbered our days with Birdie alone are becoming and I want to savor every single one. She has been our everything for almost two years now and I can't imagine having it any other way even though I also can't wait to meet the new member of our family! 
The day felt so dreamy and I loved experiencing it through our little girl's eyes, her excitement and pure glee rubbing off on both of us. It was such a split second decision but it ended up creating one of the most special memories for our family. 

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  1. Those little dirty knees are beyond gorgeous. That looks like absolutely my idea of a perfect day. You were blessed with the weather, too! So happy for you guys to be having what seems like such a good time on your trip. truly idyllic stuff right there. This post made me so happy! :)


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