let's go to the country

9:56 AM

jacket - old navy, shirt - madewell, pants - forever21, shoes - hunter, glasses - warby parker

There was something decidedly British about this outfit the moment I put it on. Perhaps it was the boots, or the muted colors but ultimately, it was the corduroys I think. When we lived in England my mum used to take us school clothes shopping at this store called Adams. It was my absolute favorite thing in the entire world. It was chock full of dork essentials - knit vests, corduroys pants in every color and print and training bras bedecked in dainty flowers. I may be persuaded to share some of the awfulness/awesomeness at some point...
This is all to say that when I spotted these pants at Forever 21 the other day there wasn't a shadow of doubt in my mind that they were coming home with me. And as these stories often go... I've been wearing them every day ever since. A sweet lady that I chat with from time to time at Trader Joe's even complimented me on them. I told her that they reminded me of things I used to wear when I was a kid and she said "well that makes them even more fun!" Touche!

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