a week's worth of odds & ends

10:48 AM

^ a new pot for hearty soups ^
^ a little trinket I found at a thrift store to remind of my homeland ^
^ used up the leftover cookie dough from christmas ^
^ we finally got a toaster! yay for bagels in the morning! ^
^ I live for this toothy smile ^
^ we've been experimenting with crayons lately ^
This week had some high highs and some low lows but generally speaking we're still on the upswing compared to january. Birdie finally slept all through the night last night and seems to be better save for a lingering cough. It's almost Valentines day and we're planning a little trip in the coming weeks so there's definitely a lot to be grateful for around here. The sunny days seem to be outnumbering the gloomy dark ones and you can almost feel natures desperate groaning for spring. Tuesday was beautiful and sunny and all the animals were out frolicking and enjoying the slight warmth of the day. We are all so very ready for spring and everything that comes with it. 
Last night as I thought about this week and my thoughts began to knit together I found myself disappointed in the fact that this week wasn't just highs. But in that same breath I was grateful for the fact that I was able to remain positive regardless of the mishaps that took place. This week I was determined to not wallow in self-pity and to constantly redirect my mind to the blessings small and large that are always peppered in amongst the troubles. Having a better morning routine is undeniably a big part of my change of attitude. Starting the day strong means that I can end it more or less feeling strong as well. Without a good foundation all it takes is one thing not going my way and I'm instantly grumpy. I've learned that there's nothing some inspiring, beautiful words and a good cup of tea can't fix. 
Of course being at home did wonders for my mood as well. I love sleeping in our bed, getting back to our familiar routines and cooking in my kitchen. I suppose when you think about it sometimes it really is the little things. Sure the big moments are fun but they are rare and fleeting. Instead it's those small daily moments that warm your heart and renew your soul that really sustain you. Dancing with my baby to a good song. Enjoy a delicious meal together. Rocking Birdie to sleep and feeling her breath on my face, the air escaping almost imperceptibly from her tiny pout. Having a good long talk with papa bear late into the night on the sofa - dreaming, planning, exchanging fears and hopes and being the rock that we each need so badly sometimes. A beautiful sunset bleeding through the curtains into the room, filling it with a orange glow. A pile of clean laundry. Exchanging a silent knowing smile through the rearview mirror in the car while Birdie sleeps. These are the things that make our life. The steady good. 

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