why so serious???

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jacket - h&m, shirt - madewell, jeans - target, shoes - shoemint

Just so I don't ever take myself too seriously, ever, God blessed me with my mama. She's always been there to make sure I don't get too big of a head. Actually both my parents have always made me feel I should never get "too excited" about pretty much anything.  It's not that they are negative, I would just say "rarely impressed." Straight A's all through high school? Meh... Stellar A+ paper senior year in college???  "It's ok." Promotion? That's nice... I believe it helps me keep my head screwed on right. I always have this feeling that someone else is already excelling at everything I'm attempting and that feeling keeps me on my toes, always trying harder and pushing myself. No matter what, I feel like there's always someone out there doing it better than I am. That's not to say I'll ever stop trying though! 
It's no different here either. I've really fallen in love with photography in the past five years or so and I'm always inspired by amazing images. I doubt I'll ever be a professional but I enjoy learning new tricks and challenging myself to take a better image every time. It's fun for me, relaxing even. But it's different when I'm the one in front of the camera. My throat gets itchy and I don't know where to look. That's why I often favor the "looking down at my shoes pose," it's the least stressful. Also, ideally I prefer an outfit photo setting that is devoid of humans but because I don't really plan them it doesn't always happen. I remember one time we were taking the photos and my mum and dad were there and I could hear my mum making fun of me in the distance. It's wonderfully grounding. I highly recommend having someone make fun of you while taking outfit photos because it really truly is quite silly. For that reason at the end of any string of outfit photos you will usually find a healthy assortment of the photos like the last one in this post. By the end I've reached my limit of Zoolander faces and just need to "shake it out." I should probably compile a post with all of them... And for those wondering I do them anyway, it's because I like the end result - the photo itself. The process? Not so much. But you gotta get there somehow! 
So yeah, Lee Ann Womack, I always feel small when I stand beside the ocean. And it's all one big ocean anyway...

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