a thankful list

10:35 AM

the crackle of logs in the fireplace
getting my health back 
a growing, happy, healthy bebe
snuggles under piles of blankets on cold mornings
having people in your life who love you, believe in you and support you
baileys white chocolate peppermint bark creamer
eskimo kisses with birdie that erupt into giggles
bangs that are almost grown out
new leather boots (that smell!!)
warm wooly hats (on babies especially)
my sweet little family
a great new book
laughing with loved ones
anticipation of something great - a trip, a holiday, a birthday
experiences that melt your heart, lift your soul & change you forever
date nights at home by the fire with a good antipasti platter
changes that are at the same time exciting and terrifying
pies in every shape, flavor and size
the unknown
the smell of snow in the air
discovering a new restaurant, city or road
babies that sleep for 12 hours straight
sunday mornings

happy thanksgiving!!!

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2 notes

  1. mmmm I second so many of these..especially the snuggles, hats, and snow! Finally snow :)


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