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2:42 PM

It's September!! And so begins my most favorite time of the year, not that that is news to most of you here. It truly does spark ALL the joy for me. We even got a little taste of fall weather this weekend in Pennsylvania. It got down to 65 in the evening and we awoke to a moody and rainy Sunday morning complete with swaying cornfields and a gray dark sky. It was delightful. Naturally that propelled me to immediately go out and buy a "autumn scented" candle and a basket of apples. And it may be 90 degrees today but in my heart it's a cool 55 and I'm wearing my favorite sweater.
The kids started their second week of school today and we were already off to a much better start than last week. Ironically I just started my two week break between semesters and it's a strange feeling to have the house quiet and all to myself. By noon today I had organized all the drawers, got rid of two trash bags full of randomness/trash, cleaned out the fridge, did a load of laundry and grocery shopped. So now I'm here! I thought I'd share some "fall inspired" links and let you know that I do have a kids favorite books post coming as well as a back to school outfit post for little boys!

Wishing you guys a great short week and here's to it cooling down soon! 

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