gift guide for girls (ages 5+)

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It's hard to believe we will be gifting presents to a SIX YEAR OLD this Christmas... Goodness gracious where did the time go? And I feel like it's so different now too... She can, how can I put it? Do more? Enjoy more? It's less about toys to tinker around with and more toys or items that specifically cater to her talents or interests. For example, bingo is her absolute most favorite thing in the world right now. We have Bird Bingo but I know Bug Bingo would absolutely thrill her! And she's been begging for a jump rope so that's a guarantee for her stocking. Other items would be something like a good set of pencils and a new notebook. She draws constantly and is at the age where she is pretty discerning about her supplies. We also came across this Little Mermaid and other Fairy Tales book at the library and she was enamored with it. It has some pretty exciting artwork and features inside and would be a book that I could see her coming back to. Here are few other suggestions:
What's at the top of your little girls list? I also bought a bunch of fun stocking stuffers while we were in Paris that I can't wait to surprise her with! 

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