school shopping for a kindergartener

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The last time Birdie did any sort of "school" was two years ago when she attended preschool twice a week. So this time, kindergarten, feels a little different. Most noticeable is the fact that I am now buying size six clothing. Six... It feels surreal. It seems that just yesterday I was folding piles of thimble sized baby socks and size six month onesies. You blink three times and you have a kindergartener. 
So here we are. Kindergarten starts next week and I'm going over everything in my head - backpack, tennis shoes, sweaters, lunch box... I tried to make comfort and ease the biggest priority when school shopping for her as I know her days will be busy and active. Her school requested tennis shoes with velcro closure so I went with this Saucony pair which she said were super light and comfortable. I also went with this three tier set of stainless steel lunch box containers from Eco Lunchbox. They don't reheat food at her school so I'm foreseeing a lot of veggies, fruits and things like yogurt and nuts. I'm not making any huge lunch plans at this point because I'll wait to see what she likes and doesn't and we'll go from there. As for clothes I got a lot of basics during Hanna Andersson's 40% off sale last week. They make the best quality clothes, use organic fabric and have very reasonable price points. I also couldn't resist these adorable kitty overalls as she is all about the cats right now. Some tights and socks and her trusty Native shoes and of course a new backpack and she is all set!
As I've mentioned before she will be attending the school where Kevin teaches which is wonderful. It's nice to know that he can always drop in or keep an eye on her so to speak. He will also be driving her to and from school as it's almost an hour's drive from our house. We're not sure if she will want to sleep on the drive but in case she doesn't we've started listening to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with her and she seems to love it. Now I just need to get her a comfortable pair of headphones so Kevin can still listen to Megadeth on his drives to work. 
I'm sure we'll be adding things throughout the school year as we get a handle on this "big kid going to school" thing. But I think we're ready for the most part! Now I need to buy myself a Costco sized box of tissues in preparation for Monday...

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