learning a new rhythm

8:19 AM

We are in the twilight of summer, the last days of August and the dust has settled. Kevin started his new job this week and it's just me and the kids for most of the day. It's a cloudy morning today and the kids are reading the books they picked out at the used bookstore in bed next to me, Miles is draped over my feet, snoring away. Slowly but surely we are finding our rhythm here. 
I'm not sure I've mentioned it before but I will be homeschooling both the kids this year. Preschool costs are much higher here in Maryland and although our children are incredibly blessed to be able to attend the school Kevin is teaching at next year, the subsidy will not kick in until next year. So right now I'm in this place where I'm up to my ears in Montessori books and scribbling away outlines for our school year. Any and all advice is very much needed. I've taken early childhood education classes for a master's degree I have yet to complete but actually planning out a curriculum is something new to me. We will do a "soft start" on Monday and try and ease our way into things from there. 
There's also the nonstop housing search. I'm at that point where it's become a full-blown addiction - scrolling through homes for hours upon hours. It's such a tricky area for buying a house with so many things to consider. I'm torn between wanting an older home with character and a move-in ready home in the country. I feel like my soul is happiest in the country but practical considerations are important too and having to drive an hour to the nearest Target is not always fun. So we're still taking things slow, seeing homes, getting a feel for different areas and doing our research. We all miss having our own home and some days are easier than others (when both kids and pets jump into our FULL size bed in the morning I really, really miss our king size bed) but we've also really enjoyed being "back." 
And speaking of being back in the DC area we cannot wait to head into the city but we refuse to do so until tourist season is over. There's nothing I hate more than circling the city in oppressive heat and humidity looking for a parking space only to exit and be trampled by dozens of kids wearing "I <3 DC" t-shirts. So we wait until cooler temperatures and the crowds dissipate a bit. But once they do we can't wait to take the kids to the museums, galleries and the zoo! I've also read a lot about the changing restaurant scene in DC and can't wait to try out all the new places. I've especially got my eye on Sally's Middle Name. Speaking of food and the DC area does anyone have any suggestions for donuts? I am already missing the deliciousness of Sublime in Atlanta and I need something that will at least come close. 
I'm hoping to come to space more regularly as well. It's easier said than done of course and with the fall launch of Valya Kids right around the corner I've more than got my hands full but coming here and sharing what's on my heart is something that's always had a way of grounding me and helps me pause and reflect. So I will do my best. I also feel like I really miss interacting with you here and if you would like to see comments be opened back up let me know (in IG comments or email). I don't even really know how "blogging works" these days so I don't know if comments are something anyone does these days. 
Well I better sign off for the day, the kids are whining for breakfast and it's time I get some coffee in me. We've been pushing for an earlier bedtime with the kids and we now have them in bed by 7:30 but that means they have been waking up by 6 am which is a no go for someone like me. Wish me luck!

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