beary cute preschool valentines!

1:30 PM

It's a somewhat strange feeling when you start doing all those parenting things that you used to think were so far off in the future. Like making valentines for you child's preschool class. It's a bittersweet feeling, though mostly sweet. Just like these valentines!!

I was searching for something that would be fairly quick, simple, somewhat homemade and something that Birdie and I could do together. A little googling and pinteresting lead me to this super fun idea! 

Here's what you'll need (for a class of 30 kids and teachers):
  • 30 blank cards - I found a set of 30 at Target for $3.00
  • 30 clear plastic bags - I just happened to have these around but you could probably just do a ziplock bag too
  • 2 boxes of teddy grahams
  • sharpies
  • stapler

We had so much fun putting these together and it was a great way for Birdie to practice her letters. We may have also snuck in a few teddys while we worked ;).

Happy Valentine's Day!!


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