halloween 2016

8:14 PM

Ladies and gents... I present to you - Christopher Robin and... foxy! Every year I say it's the best one yet and yet... I really think it's going to be hard to top this year. This was the year Birdie picked out her costume. The first week of October. She saw it in the Halloween aisle of Target and it was love at first sight! She begged to put it on right then and there, wore it the entire time at the store, on the car ride, at dinner and then asked if she could wear it to bed. She told anyone and everyone that she was going to be a fox for Halloween and gosh I would give anything for you to see her face when she saw her own reflection after I drew on the whiskers and nose. What is it about children and the way something as simple as a costume can make their whole year??? It's the thrill I think. The thrill of Halloween, Christmas, birthdays or a big trip. It's just not as good once we're all grown up and cynical. 
And that's what was so special about this night. Getting that tiny little dose of magic through our kids. Watching their faces light up, hearing them timidly and then by the tenth house, not so timidly, say "trick or treat!!" Seeing them running through piles of leaves excited about what the night held for them. The way Birdie hoarded her candy all night, refusing to eat a single piece and just looking upon her treasures with such pride. The way Teddy would bolt to the door every time the bell rang yelling "twik-o-tweeting!!" and furiously dumping giant handfuls of candy in any open container he could spy. 
As nighttime descended we were gifted the most beautiful cotton candy sky that was the cherry on top of such a memorable evening. There were so many times I felt like I was watching these little people in slow motion, wanting to drink up every smile, every shriek of delight and every "thank youuuuu" that Teddy uttered between chewing mouthfuls of candy. It was a night I know I'll remember well past the kids leaving the house. I'll remember how they looked, the fiery maple tree we took pictures by, Teddy's sticky fingers and Birdie's face with smudged on cat whiskers. It was just that good. 
Hope all of you enjoyed last night and made some wonderful memories with your little ones! 

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