a little trip to utah

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^ Zion was absolutely breathtaking! ^
^ loved this adorable cafe, and the food was divine!! ^
^ Mirror Lake made us feel like we were in Europe ^
^ my beloved birch trees, if only they would grow in Georgia ^
^ And then there was Antelope Island ^

We just got back from a four day trip to Utah. Just the two of us for the first time since before Teddy was born! I was little nervous about being away from the kids for so long and the first couple of hours were a little emotional for me but once I felt like they were having fun and once we got through flying and checking into a hotel without two toddlers I knew this trip was going to be gold!! I got to read the entire flight, didn't have to collapse a stroller through security and didn't have to wrack my brain for ideas to entertain two squirmy kids with for four hours. We had just gotten to the hotel and yet I already felt more relaxed than I had all year.
The funny thing about this trip is that everyone kept asking us "why did you pick Utah??" and now that we're home all I have to say is "why wouldn't you pick Utah??" We had never before been to a state that has such varied landscapes and eco systems. It was mind boggling to be in Zion, the desert, one day and up in the lush verdant mountains the next! The whole time we kept saying that we just wish we had more time! We never even made it to Sundance or Park City and would have loved to explore more of the Salt Lake too. 

Here are some of our favorites:




I think one of my favorite memories will be getting to Antelope Island at around seven in the morning and being the only care on the entire island. We parked by where the bison and antelope were grazing, got on the roof of the car and just took it all in for a good hour. The only sound was the whistle of the wind through the grass and the snorts from the bison. It was absolutely magical and unlike anything I had ever seen! 
We are hoping to one day take the kids there, perhaps even camp as the camp sites we saw up and around Mirror Lake were like something out of a fairytale - secluded, picturesque and it's perfect camping temperature (around 65). Utah you were a dream!

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