taking stock vol. VII

3:07 PM

Summer is in full swing here in Georgia, meaning we are spending a lot of time just trying to stay cool and keep our pets cool. Between bathing the kids in the inflatable pool, misting the chickens twice a day and watering the plants and lawn I feel like some sort of watergirl. Yet, though we all complain about the heat as if it's our state past time I think it's important to note that there is so much to enjoy about this time of year. The peaches have never been juicer, the strawberries sweeter and we are loving spending our days with papa. Mornings are much lazier around here and we indulge in epic breakfasts almost ever other day. Bedtimes are pushed back in favor sprinkler parties on the front lawn complete with otter pops and giggles. And when things get too unbearable there's always a trip to the lake!

making: coffee almost every morning. I finally bought a grinder and it has made such a difference in the quality of the coffee.
cooking: lot's of quick, easy and fresh meals. Our fridge is full of fresh produce from various markets in the area so this cookbook has been absolutely perfect!
drinking: water. I can't imagine drinking anything else in this heat.
wanting: raised garden beds. Kevin and I are so helpless when it comes to these things but we've spent many a night researching so perhaps we can pull off building some.
looking: for a good hat for Teddy for the summer. Something he's actually allow to be on his head.
wasting: water. Definitely water. Though I don't know if it totally counts as wasting when it's keeping our plants alive. We're just going through a ton of it right now.
wishing: it could be summer forever and Kevin would never have to go back to work.
enjoying: having a second pair of hands around the house all day. PRAISE.
waiting: for father's day and Kevin's birthday to be here so I can give him all the gifts I've been squirreling away for weeks! I am the worst at surprises but I'm pretty proud of myself this time!
liking: the idea of bangs for this fall...
wondering: if sending Birdie to preschool will be just as gut wrenching as I'm imagining it.
loving: hearing Teddy yell "mama" all day long. Makes my heart skip a beat!
hoping: a lot of things I have lined up in the future work out. I hate the waiting period!!
marveling: at the two people my little babies have grown up into. How is Birdie counting to ten already and doing her a,b, c's?? How is Teddy about to start talking??
needing: a proper mani pedi but who has time for that?
smelling: this candle incessantly. It's unbelievably good. 
wearing: gauzy white dresses. It's kind of becoming my summer uniform.
listening: the Hamilton soundtrack. Duh.
noticing: gray hairs. How??
knowing: that I couldn't be happier to live where we do. Country roads... John Denver knew a thing or two about them.
thinking: about turning thirty and what the future holds.
feeling: ambivalent about turning thirty. Can you sense a trend here??
bookmarking: airbnb's around the world. The travel bug bit me hard this year.
opening: new doors. Lot's of them. Somewhat scary. Very exciting.

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