mama-daughter spring outfit

10:25 AM

As soon as the weather gets nice I can think of nothing but picnics. Growing up we did a lot of picnicking since my parents didn't have a lot of money and it was an easy and cheap way to do something that felt "special." Thanks to my mum I've become a pro at it. Whenever the mood strikes us I'll quickly wash and chop some veggies, throw in a baguette and some cheese and cured meat and bam! Done. In the spring and summer I try to always keep blankets in the car for this very reason and once we're driving we'll stop at a gas station for some cold drinks and then we're off! It's easy, quick and inexpensive and there's nothing like eating outdoors.
And although we've had a few cooler days this past weekend spring is here to stay down south. The trees are exploding with blooms, grass is sprouting everywhere and I've packed away all the winter accoutrements. So of course I've been doing some spring and summer shopping. Mostly because these kids grow like weeds and though I've been pretty good at stocking up on clothes for them I'm reaching the point where I have nothing in storage and each season I have to start from scratch. 
As you well know I love a good mama-daughter outfit and this combo gives me major heart eyes. I've always been of the opinion that you can never go wrong with white and denim in the summer! 

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