nursery tour

9:59 AM

It's kind of crazy to think that we've been in this house for over a year now! When we first moved in I was 8 months pregnant, papa bear was starting a new job and there was just so much to do I didn't know where to start. For months I felt like things would never feel "complete." Between preparing for a new baby and unpacking dozens of boxes every day, "decorating" was not terribly high on my priority list. But before I knew it the baby was here and then he was growing up so very fast and little by little I began to decorate. I would hang a picture here, arrange a shelf over there and every once in a while I would purchase something that I thought would help tie up a space. And a year later - boom! It feels finished, it feels like home.
I wanted to share how the nursery turned out because it's one of my favorite rooms in the house. Teddy doesn't sleep with Birdie yet but they do spend hours playing in there together and I keep all of their clothes in the closet. I actually asked Birdie the other day if she would like her baby brother to come sleep with her in her room and she gave me a very confident "no!" Ok... perhaps we'll try again later :).
I actually had these photos taken a little while ago (as you can see Teddy is oh so small!) and I've been meaning to post them for ages and just now got around to it! If you are interested in any of the sources shoot me an email or let me know on instagram and I would be happy to add it to the post.

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